VILLE JUSTE Ltd is a research and consulting company in the fields of urban space, society and politics. We specialize in the development of data-driven applications in the field of urban and spatial planning. The topics include housing, health, environment, work, education, leisure, culture, integration, social affairs and mobility.

The company name VILLE JUSTE (French) makes reference to ‘the just city’ – a concept coined by Susanne Fainstein in her book with the same name. By translating the term into French, we wish to allude to the French origins of many Anglo-American discussions of social and spatial justice in the city (e.g. Henri Lefebvre with ‘The right to the city’). In this sense, we understand a just city to be one in which quality of life and opportunities for development are accessible to all. Regardless of gender, social or cultural background. What policies are conducive to such a city, and what are the political, institutional and social preconditions for it? These are central questions in our research and development activities.