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About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of political scientists, geographers and sociologists and we work with partner companies depending on the project. We conduct internationally groundbreaking research and our services meet the highest expectations. The company was founded in February 2021.

Oliver Dlabač, PhD, Managing Director

Oliver Dlabač, PhD, Managing Director of VILLE JUSTE Ltd

Oliver Dlabač studied political science, economics and social psychology at the University of Zurich and received his PhD from the University of Bern in 2013. After a one-year research stay at the University of British Columbia, he was a research project manager and lecturer at the Center for Democracy Studies Aarau (University of Zurich) until 2022. He is an expert on quality of democracy, decentralization, the laymen system and administrative governance in Swiss municipalities, as well as on issues of social and spatial justice in urban spaces (urban planning, housing policy, school policy). Academic website

The Zurich-based research and consulting company is entirely owned by Oliver Dlabač.